Absence Management

Short and long term sickness cost UK businesses billions of pounds each year. A CIPD UK survey has shown that in terms of working time employee absence costs employers 9 working days for every member of staff per year. Do you know how many days are lost in your business and what it is costing the organisation in sick pay and cover for the absence?

There are many reasons why people take time off work. Sickness can be categories as follows:

  • Unauthorised sickness absence or persistent lateness 
  • Short term sickness absence (uncertified and self-certified - less than 7 days)
  • Short term sickness absence (doctor certificated)
  • Long term sickness absence (doctor certificated over one month)

There are several steps and management techniques that can help manage sickness and absence and thus reduce cost to business. Johnson HR can make recommendations and implement techniques in order to combat this problem.