Policies and Procedures

Introducing HR policies and procedures ensures that businesses provide a formal and consistent approach to managing staff as well as protecting the organisation against legal claims. Policies will help support the business strategy and also keep the business competitive in the labour market.

Johnson HR can provide a policy design, writing and implementation service which meets the needs of the business and is in line with current legislation.

Key legal HR policies include:

Disciplinary Procedure

From 1st October 2004 all businesses are required to follow a minimum statutory disciplinary procedure. Failure to do so could result in large fines at an Employment Tribunal. A disciplinary issue usually arises when the actions of an employee have a negative impact on a business e.g. misconduct or poor performance. We can guide a business through the disciplinary procedure step by step ensuring that the statutory disciplinary procedure is met.

Grievance Procedure

A good grievance procedure is as important as the disciplinary procedures. Should a grievance not be dealt with in accordance with the statutory procedure an employee is able to lodge a complaint with an Employment Tribunal. If they are successful with that claim a business could then be ordered to pay extra compensation as a fine for not following procedure. Grievance procedures are designed to provide an individual with a course of action should they have a complaint which they have not been able to resolve through regular comminucation with their manager. The procedure will identify points of contacts and timescales to resolve the issues of concern.