Sometimes business find themselves in the regrettable situation where they need to cut costs and streamline the businesses and Johnson HR can help businesses through this difficult time and identify strategies for improvement such as a recruitment freeze.

Redundancy is a traumic experience for anyone. Announcement of redundancies will invariably have an adverse impact on morale, motivation and productivity. Sensitive handling of redundant employees can reduce the negative effects on individuals being made redundant and also on those remaining in the business.

Dismissal may be termed as redundancy when its is:

  • Cessation of a business
  • Cessation of business at the employee's site
  • A reduction or cessation of work
  • Anticipation of a reduction or cessation at work.

Statutory requirements must be followed in respect of redundancies and Johnson HR can support businesses to ensure the process is handled correctly and that remaining employees remain loyal and commited to the organisation.